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So you think getting a camera, a model or subject and taking a picture is about all there is to photography? It's a lot more than that. There are rules, that if followed will enhance your photographs. I'm going to focus on a few Rules of Composition in this article.

 There are many Rules of Composition but I'm only going to focus on the following rules:

    1. Rule of Thirds

    2. Leading Lines

    3. Framing

    4. Symmetry

    5. Balance

    6. Repeating Patterns

    7. Simplicity


The Rule of Thirds states that you should divide your photo into thirds using a hash symbol or a Tic-Tac-Toe # in your frame. Your subject should be in on or near the intersecting lines as shown in this illustration. For landscapes your main subject or focal points should take up 2/3 of the frame.


Leading Lines are elements in your photography that leads your viewer through your image. Leading lines tend to work best when that originate from a corner in your photography.


Framing is accomplished when there are peripheral elements that draws the viewer's attention to the inner subject. Framing is often coupled with and use with symmetry. Since symmetry in not always used with the rule of framing I have chosen to separate the two


Symmetry is using two similar elements to give your photo a sense of equal balance.


Balance is accomplished when a second element is included in your frame to offset another element. Balance does not concern itself with similar sized elements found in the rule of Symmetry.


Repeating Patterns gives the viewer a sense of order or familiarity in a photo, where otherwise the photo might leave the viewer with a sense of chaos which in photography, equates to busy. A busy photo is generally regarded as uninteresting.


Simplicity is removing elements that could distract from the subject. Generally, "less is more" in photography.

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