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Picture don't lie?There use to be a time when people would say, "Pictures don't lie". That time is gone. Pictures lie their ass off - or at least the model's ass off, if that's what she desires. There's nothing wrong with enhancing a photo to match how you feel inside or to show how you'd like to look.



There's hardly a photo that does not get retouched. Pop artist, will go so far as to have digital photo editors on staff, who are ready at moment's notice to retouch every single photo released to the public. So if you are one of those people who would like to take off a few pounds, or smooth a few well earned age lines, then why not? It's your image, your picture to do with as you please.
Even if you don't want your image altered digitally, I have ways of enhancing your assets, and minimizing your perceived problem areas. This can be done through posing and lighting
What's your opinion? Do you think altering a person's image in Photoshop is cheating or lying? Or do you think Photoshopped pictures are totally acceptable?

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