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Canon has introduced the Rebel T7i and the EOS 77D crop sensor cameras to its DLSR lineup. Both DSLR Canon cameras are similiar. The EOS 77D has an LCD display while the Rebel T7i does not. Both Canon DSLRs are under $1000, while the 77D is the more expensive model.

The 77D is similar to the Canon 80D but lacks a few of the 80Ds features.

Nevertheless the 77D and the T7i should make great entry level Canon DSLRs. I believe many people will view the 77D as an upgrade from the T2i, T3i and T4i. The T7i is posed to be the absolute entry level camera.

You will find both the 77D and the T7i available from pre-order at your local camera store.

 What's your opinion of either of these cameras?

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