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Geer Street Cemetery Cleanup 60Geer Cemetery is an abandoned cemetery, where trash, dead tree branches and underbrush, once claimed what was probably a manicured cemetery in Durham, NC. Keep Durham Beautiful ( stepped up to the plate to restore the cemetery.

Through a series of 2 hours community volunteer campaigns, restoration is well under way. The cemetery, although not fully restored, looks much better than it once did.

The volunteer for the July 15, 2016 clean-up included Durham City Councilman Don Moffitt.

Keep Durham Beautiful Geer Street Cemetery


Photos from June 6, 2015 Geer Cemetary Clean-up

Geer Street Cemetery Cleanup 41 June 06 2015Geer Street Cemetery Cleanup 47 June 06 2015Geer Street Cemetery Cleanup 48 June 06 2015Geer Street Cemetery Cleanup 58 June 06 2015Geer Street Cemetery Cleanup 59 June 06 2015

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