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Optech USA Dual Strap 24There is an old saying, "The stingiest man spends the most". Can certainly be true when it comes to camera straps. My cheap strap that I purchased on eBay failed. My camera and camera lens crashed to the cement sidewalk. My Canon 6D survived unscathed but my Tamron 24-70mm f2/8 was severely damaged.


The failed strap was a slingshot Quick Rapid strap available on eBay for around $7.00 from China. I'm relative sure the strap design was copied from the BlackRapid camera strap system. Since I won't be using my Quick Rapid Dual body  strap, I chose to try out the OP Tech/USA dual body strap. The OP Tech USA strap looks like a decent system. I'm not too excited about having to leave parts of the strap on the camera when I'm not using the system; it's too cumbersome to remove the straps and re-thread the straps every time I want to use the system so I leave them on.


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