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Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 DI VC USD Zoom LensTamron 24 70mm March 13 2015 31


  • Price - It is 35% cheaper than Canon's version of the same lens

  • Warranty – 6 year warranty from Tamron in the United States

  • Optics – 9 elements of the 17 specifically enhance image quality issues

  • Vibration Compensation (VC) – Tamron is the only company that offers VC for this focal length

  • Build Quality – Excellent build quality

  • Weather Sealing – Rubber ring to seal lens against the camera body

  • Image Quality (IQ) – Ranks with Canon and Nikon's comparable lens in terms of IQ

  • Superior Performance (SP) Tamron's SP lens are made with little regard to cost constraints, yet more affordable than many competitors

  • Bokeh – Please blur in background due to 9 rounded aperture blades


  • Heavy Vingetting – dark in the corners, but correctable during editing

  • Weight – 29.1 ounces may feel heavy to some users

  • Warranty – Warranty is non transferrable


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