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How do you feel about have your picture made when you are out in public?
Festivals, carnivals and parties are great places to capture great candid pictures of people. I have found these venues to be excellent opportunities to practice a mixture of portraiture and street photography.


Photo taken at Beaver Queen Pageant 10th Taken at Durham Central Park, Food Truck Rodeo 03-09-2014

Durham Central Park Food, Truck Rodeo 03-09-2014-0112Durham Central Park Food, Truck Rodeo 03-09-2014-0229

At such events, people tend to be happy and smiling, having a good time in general. This joy shows through and is easily captured by the lens. Unlike portraiture, I generally don't have to ask the subject to smile or work with them to make them comfortable. Most are folks are already smiling, laughing or in a deep relaxing revere. The joy at festivals, carnivals and like events is always genuine.


Beaver Queen Pageant 10 06-07-2014

However, as a photographer, I am always concerned about whether my subjects will feel like I am invading their privacy when I snap a photo. Sometimes I may ask if it's OK to take a photo and at other times I'll make a picture without asking. The difference is when I ask, my subject tend to smile for the camera. This camera smile is not always what I want. When I take a photograph without asking, I know I'm getting a genuine capture of a person's beauty, both inner and physical. Street photography usually captures an image that is totally authentic.

Many pictures made, with or without consent, may show up on the Internet. The pictures above were made without consent. I, however, never post photos that does not flatter my subjects. If I capture I a moment where the facial expression does not add to the person's beauty, I don't post it.

How do you feel about having your picture made, without your consent?

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