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Frank White, Family and Portrait Photographer (based in Durham, NC)

Having your picture made should be fun. It should also be anHomepageCollage experience in and of itself. Portraiture is about showing you at your very best, bringing forth both your physical and inner beauty and your inner strength. Great pictures are not taken, they are made. Great pictures, last throughout generations.

I photograph many subjects, including: people, pets, nature, landscapes, and wildlife. However, portrait photography is my specialty and passion. I hope to share some of that passion with you. Contact me for a family photography photo session or to photo document your next event: family reunion, wedding, anniversary, or holiday gathering.  Take a look through my galleries to get a feel for my style.

Although I'm based in Durham, I'm happy to travel to Raleigh and Chapel Hill at no additional fee. Additionally, I'll will travel outside of the Durham area or North Carolina to any location for a nominal fee.

If you are learning photography or interested in photo modeling, you may want to checkout my photography blog, (AKA Foto Blog). I discuss everything from learning to posing to reviewing photography gear, to the technical aspects of photography, like STOPS and ND filters.



BarktoberFest Photos are here...

Thank you for supporting BeyondFences and the BarktoberFest event and thank you for your patience.

A technical software glitch delayed me from making your photos available sooner. I believe I have that sorted out and you can find your photos here.

 -- Frank

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